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The Listeners
The Listeners
The Listeners
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Advance Praise for The Listeners:

"Prick up your ear(s) for a compelling new voice surging over the literary landscape. In his startling novel The Listeners, Harrison Demchick has crafted a story of horror and heart, of humanity both abject and noble, of a world relentlessly bleak where a rare drop of hope seeps through the cracks. Like the young protagonist, you’ll struggle to figure out who the good guys are and find yourself agonizing over whether any of us can be good guys when the situation is desperate and the stakes at their highest. Strap yourself in and make sure the pistol’s in the glove box—this novel is not the sunny highway along the beach but the dirt road in the night woods, when the GPS fails and your good sense tells you to turn around, but, by God, sometimes you need to see what you’re made of. Get off the main road and read The Listeners."
   —Ron Cooper, acclaimed author of cult hit Purple Jesus, declared a “literary event of the first magnitude” by The Washington Post

"I'm sitting here with my hand over my mouth trying to process one of the most incredibly poetic, haunting novels I have ever read. And it's about a zombie plague. Try and picture that for a moment. Harrison Demchick has written a beautiful and disgusting, wonderful and horrifying book with a strong voice and lyrical quality and it's about the Apocalypse . . .  The Listeners is moving and powerful in a way I've never known a horror story to be. It's not traditionally scary, building far more on dread than boos, but I found it creeping into my thoughts after dark. It brings up a lot of questions regarding who the monsters are and the morality of survival. It must be experienced."
   —Ageless Pageless Reviews

"The Listeners is a gripping story which does only what the best fiction can do: challenge us to examine our own lives. Harrison Demchick weaves a harrowing tale of a young boy searching for his own identity in a world gone to hell."
   —M. Dal Walton, producer of Borderland, Blind Horizon, and Day of the Dead

"Strangely beautiful and creepy at the same time. Finally, a smart book with zombies! It’s Cormac McCarthy’s The Road meets Fight Club, with a splash of Stephen King’s The Dead Zone. I loved it!"
   —Elizabeth Leiknes, author, The Understory and The Sinful Life of Lucy Burns

"The Listeners is a harrowing thrill ride with ‘Soon To Be a Major Motion Picture’ written all over it!"
   —Brendan Deneen, author, Vatican Assassin Warlock and Flash Gordon: The Mercy Wars

"The rest of the novel is like Lord of the Flies meets 28 Days Later as main character Daniel settles in with a gang of murderers, thieves, and psychopaths amidst the backdrop of a hellish apocalypse. Although hesitant at first, the easily manipulated teenager soon sees this paranoid, violent cult in a new light, and begins to accept their hatred for the police as well as the sickos . . . The gorier parts of the book were very well written and often had me recoiling and wincing as boils popped and heads exploded. Overall, I thought the novel was enjoyable as it was something I had never read before. It is quite ambitious, simultaneously demonstrating the allure of gang culture with a coming-of-age tale in a zombie-infested world. The plot itself is fairly well structured, and the use of differing perspectives weaving in and out of the main narrative was well executed."
   —Emily Babb, Blogger, UK

"Suspenseful and beautifully written, The Listeners puts you inside the quarantine zone, and inside the heads of quite a few disparate but connected characters. Provocative and fascinating, it had me turning the pages and thinking hard to the very last word!"
   —Kim LeSueur, Information Technology Manager, Annapolis, MD

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