harrison demchick
harrison demchick
The Listeners
The Listeners
The Listeners
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The Listeners, Harrison Demchick’s electrifying debut, is a dark and terrifying journey into loneliness, desperation, and the devastating experience of one young boy in a world gone mad.

In a borough quarantined due to an airborne illness that causes deformity, insanity, and death, a 14-year-old boy named Daniel, orphaned by the plague, is caught up with a one-eared gang/cult called the Listeners. But all he really wants is to find his best friend Katie, trapped somewhere in the quarantine. The novel debuted December 17, 2012 from Bancroft Press.

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Praise for The Listeners:

"Demchick’s debut is not a zombie novel, but basically it is . . . Sicko action is minimal, with Demchick instead following the workaday structure of Colson Whitehead’s Zone One (2011) while also incorporating the kind of primary documents seen in Max Brooks’s World War Z (2006). [With] evocative nonlinear prose . . . Demchick’s depth of focus is both confident and impressive."
   —Booklist (Daniel Kraus, author of Bram Stoker Award finalist and Odyssey Award-winning Rotters)

"Prick up your ear(s) for a compelling new voice surging over the literary landscape. In his startling novel The Listeners, Harrison Demchick has crafted a story of horror and heart, of humanity both abject and noble, of a world relentlessly bleak where a rare drop of hope seeps through the cracks. Get off the main road and read The Listeners."
   —Ron Cooper, acclaimed author of cult hit Purple Jesus, declared a “literary event of the first magnitude” by The Washington Post

"Harrison Demchick has written a beautiful and disgusting, wonderful and horrifying book with a strong voice and lyrical quality . . ."
   —Ageless Pageless Reviews

". . . a gripping story which does only what the best fiction can do: challenge us to examine our own lives."
   —M. Dal Walton, producer of Borderland, Blind Horizon, and Day of the Dead

"Demchick’s stylish debut makes an admirably ambitious . . . attempt to breathe new life into the tried-and-true threat of zombies. [His] grab bag of techniques, including flashbacks, multiple narrators, and occasional breaks in form, lends some freshness to the story."
   —Publishers Weekly

"It’s Cormac McCarthy’s The Road meets Fight Club, with a splash of Stephen King’s The Dead Zone."
   —Elizabeth Leiknes, author, The Understory and The Sinful Life of Lucy Burns

". . . quite ambitious, simultaneously demonstrating the allure of gang culture with a coming-of-age tale in a zombie-infested world"
   —Emily Babb, Blogger, UK

"Provocative and fascinating, it had me turning the pages and thinking hard to the very last word!"
   —Kim LeSueur, Information Technology Manager, Annapolis, MD

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